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Star ScienceDiscussion
A private group.Only for people believed to be trustworthy.Don't waste your time clicking on the red button above

Group Founder: tapojyot
Description: Discuss science-related topics.You may learn quite a lot of things that will let you know what may have happened in our uncontrolled universe.This group has some external links and articles explaining some terms in more detail.So I recommend you view this group via opera mobile software or opera computer software from or Welcome!I'm back..with lots more info.
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Members: 56
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Topics (19)

go Friends forever..... (1) shalbib
Hi' friends join free chat group Beshalbi

go LHC and the search for the God (2) tapojyot
You probably know..the LHC's the Large Hadron Collider and it's searching for the answer of one of the unsolved problems in physics.Now with ucweb,I'm going to copy-paste some important portions of te...

go dying by freezing (1) eazy4lyf
why is it that people who die by frezzing cannot be brought back by hot water

go Science Fiction books (2) tapojyot
Well,the books do contain a lot of misinformation..or why are they called fiction?But some books also include some facts..facts which needs to be there or you can't make head or tail of what's happeni...

go scientific world (2) dingzo25
wana b a grt scientist guyz who can help

go Paradox (0) unland
who likes them?

go the theOry (0) 7ruby7
does any1 believes in d big bang theOry? did life really started as a result ? if so,is religion juz one big lie?

go silent hill 2 wt (5) kartadam
Well after the introduction of the game show up in the living room cabinets (lockers) to your right Czech plaque from the last cabinet to the right takes the plate BILL now exit the room and toured th...

go computers (33) kartadam
here i ll give som infos befor buying pc. Looking to buy a new desktop personal computer system? This guide covers many of the basic items to examine when comparing desktop computer systems so that yo...

go Characteristics of Light (6) tapojyot
Light..not only visible light,but the whole of the electromagnetic spectrum travels at some distance at c or,the speed of light.It is believed that nothing can travel faster than light..but there,more...

go Image and Video database (1) tapojyot
There are links to some images of spectacular cosmic objects and events given in this topic.All the credit for the images goes to NASA : , HubbleSite : and Cha...

go Our local neighbours (2) tapojyot
Speaking of the universe,we cannot exclude that 8 planets and a dwarf planet revolves round a yellow medium-sized star called the sun.One of the planets is blue and that's the place where you may be.T...

go The Great Collision (0) tapojyot
It's two billion years away from us..andromeda,our nearest neighbour galaxy is charging towards us.No.Actually,Milky Way is charging towards andro at 75 miles/second or 120 kilometres/second.The small...

go Help and enquiries (1) tapojyot
Welcome to ScienceDiscussion,a group created exclusively for discussing science related topics and staying updated with the latest info on cosmology and astrophysics and other science related topics.Y...

go The Eventful Dead Stars (0) tapojyot
As you all may know,stars are very amusing things that you may see in the sky and also may in the movies.For a star,everything depends upon it's mass,even it's death.Stars having small masses are seen...


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1 hubble telescope
2 massive blackhole2
3 supernova
4 supernova
5 Mars
6 Alpha centauri
7 blackhole1


Polls (2)

go Do you believe in God to have created the whole of the universe?
go Will the universe end in a Big Crunch?